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Hello, readers. Just trying out a little something new to see if it draws any interest. Today’s post is simply a quick overview of what we did on MRR over the past week (10/12 to 10/18).

Monday, October 12 – An Examination of Dominance – Jake Arrieta

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This post, the first analytical and statistically-driven piece on the site, explored Jake Arrieta’s masterful 2015 season and exactly how good he was. We also looked at some adjustments Arrieta made during the season that made him the dominant force he was for the Cubs.


Wednesday, October 14 – Sweet Relief – Cubs Clinch First Postseason Series Win in Wrigley’s History

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This post covered the Cubs’ triumph over the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS. We explored what hitters were key to the Cubs’ victory and how the bullpen kept the Cubs in the game after getting only three innings from Game 4 starter Jason Hammel.

Thursday, October 15 – 2015 AL Divsion Series Wrap-Up

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GIF Courtesy of

This post looked at the results of this seasons’ ALDS series between Toronto/Texas and Kansas City/Houston, looking at individual as well as team performance. We also compared the results to my original predictions.


Friday, October 16 – 2015 AL Championship Series Preview

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This post looked more closely at the two teams moving on to the ALCS, including side-by-side statistical comparisons. I also made my official prediction for the series and included a poll to see what you guys thought.


Friday, October 16 – 2015 NL Division Series Wrap-Up

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Photo Courtesy of

Like we did with the AL before it, I looked at the hot bats and strong arms of the 2015 NLDS. We examined who played well, who how the series played out, and compared the results to our predictions.



Saturday, October 17 – 2015 NL Championship Series Preview

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

Again, following the precedent set forth by the American League, we did a side-by-side comparison of the upcoming NLCS between the Mets and Cubs. I also made my official prediction and asked for your votes as well in another poll.




That’s what happened here over the last week, hope you enjoyed reading. Check back in tomorrow for NEW content, and please share any and all of these articles you enjoy. Be sure to check us out Twitter tonight during NLCS Game 2. Thanks for reading!


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