This Week on MRR – Extended Cut

Hello folks! Since I haven’t posted anything this weekend I feel I owe you at least a little something to look over on this lazy Sunday. Since we didn’t do a review last week, I’ve lumped in all my posts since the last review (10/19-11/1). Here it is!

Tuesday, October 20 – What Happened to Johnny Cueto?


In this article, we looked at Johnny Cueto’s struggles and successes throughout the 2015 postseason, and tried to examine what factors led to his success or failure.




Thursday, October 22 – 2015 NL Championship Series Wrap-Up

mets cellys This article looked at the Mets’ four-game sweep of the Cubs in the 2015 NLCS, and what led to the Mets’ total dominance of the series.



Monday, October 26 – 2015 AL Championship Series Wrap-Up

royals cellyHere, we looked at the six-game set between the Royals and Blue Jays. We looked at what went wrong for the Blue Jays, and what went right for the Royals.



Tuesday, October 27 – 2015 World Series Preview

world series Here we looked at the matchup between the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets in the 2015 World Series. Primarily, we looked at how the Royals’ tough lineup would fare against the Mets’ powerful pitching staff. We also made our official prediction for the outcome of the series.



Thursday, October 29 – I Made a Thing About Wade Davis

davis2 (01)_cut_part1Here I made a post to brag about a couple crappy little GIFs I made. Also, a little bit to talk about the filthiness of Wade Davis, specifically as it pertains to a certain Game 1 at-bat against Travis d’Arnaud.


Thursday, October 29 – Johnny Cueto was Good – A Follow-Up

davis2 (04)_cut_part1

We began and ended this weekly review with a look at Johnny Cueto. Thankfully, the second installment of this review was more positive, after Cueto became the first AL pitcher to toss a World Series complete-game since the turn of the century.


That’s it! Thanks for checking in guys. Unfortunately as I write this, it’s Friday morning and I have no knowledge of what’s gonna take place in the World Series between now and the time this is available to read. But, I can assure you that I will have some content for you tomorrow. Hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekends and been able to catch some baseball in between the Halloween festivities (vomit). Tune in again soon, thanks for reading!


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